Keck System News and Updates

09/14/17The OS on all workstations will be reinstalled during the week of September 18-22, 2017. The SGE queue will be disabled during this rolling upgrade.
05/15/17The OS on all workstations will be upgraded this week.
05/09/17charmm version 41b2 has been installed.
05/09/17Two new molecular electronic structure programs, Dirac and Dalton have been installed.
03/14/17The new version of Orca (4.0.0) has been installed.
02/16/17The latest Schrodinger version 2017u1 has been installed.
12/01/16The latest Schrodinger version 2016u4 has been installed.
10/27/16The latest version of Amber - Amber16 - has been installed.
10/03/16The Keck web site has been redesigned to work better on portable and mobile devices. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.
08/23/16The latest Schrodinger version 2016u3 has been installed.
08/13/166:30pm The failed RAID card has been replaced and the server is back online.
08/13/16The Keck file server experienced a hardware failure this morning and all user data are currently inaccessible. I'm working on getting replacement parts.
07/28/16This weekend (7/30-7/31) all workstations will receive rolling OS updates and will be rebooted. The workstations with running SGE jobs will be rebooted after the jobs finish.
07/27/16The file server crashed early this morning but it is back online. If your job terminated due to this crash please restart it.
06/02/16The latest Schrodinger version 2016u2 has been installed.
02/25/16The latest Schrodinger version 2016u1 has been installed.
02/18/16Orca has been updated to version 3.0.3.
11/12/15Schrodinger version 2015u4 has been installed.
10/12/15w12 workstation was fixed and is back online.
10/09/15In the next couple of days I will be applying a rolling OS/patches update to all Keck workstations. This should not effect any of the running jobs, all the updates and reboots will be done when the current jobs finish.