Keck Acceptable Use Policies

By using the Keck computing facilities, you have agreed to adhere to the the Keck center's acceptable use policies (adapted from the ACMS acceptable use policies):

In support of the University's mission of teaching, research, and public service, the Keck center provides computing, networking, and information resources to the University community. Access to Keck facilities is a privilege conditioned upon your compliance with the current Acceptable Use Policies. Please recognize that maintaining a productive computing environment is a cooperative venture -- successful delivery of quality services depends on individual users acting responsibly.

As a Keck user you have promised to know and abide by all Keck policies. HONOR YOUR COMMITMENT, READ THE POLICIES CAREFULLY.

Keck users are liable for any and all activities on their accounts. All relevant federal and state laws, as well as University and campus regulations and policies apply.

Examples of misuse include, but are not limited to, the activities in the following list.

Violations of Keck policies may result in the disabling of an account and loss of computing privileges. Additionally, violations may subject the account holder to disciplinary action under University regulations, and criminal prosecution under applicable statutes. Keck reserves the right to disable accounts without notice to halt or prevent suspected violations of computing policies. If you are unsure about the permissibility of any behavior or use, send mail to keck-help @ to request clarification.

Be aware that computer files, electronic mail and accounts are not private in an absolute sense. Various persons such as instructors, administrators and operations personnel have access to individual accounts and files.

In conformance with the UC Electronic Mail Policy, Keck makes every effort to provide reliable service, and respects the privacy of electronic mail. As a practical matter, in order to provide technical assistance with electronic mail, Keck treats requests for assistance as implied consent to inspect electronic mail. Inspection is limited to that necessary to render the requested assistance.

Email service may be interrupted or discontinued for operational needs and when accounts are deactivated in accordance with established account administration procedures.

Keck policy statements are updated as needed to address new situations. All users are responsible for knowing current Keck policy, which can be reviewed on-line.

Several useful reference documents concerning applicable laws and University regulations are available at http://www-acs/lib/aup_ref.html and .