W. M. Keck Laboratory for Integrated Biology

Urey Hall 2205
9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92092

Email: keck-help@keck2.ucsd.edu
Phone: (858) 822-5683

W. M. Keck Laboratory for Integrated Biology, a San Diego Supercomputer Center satellite, is a state of the art computational facility established to foster interdisciplinary collaborative research in biological, chemical and physical sciences. Linked with high-bandwidth connections to the other Keck site located at the School of Medicine and to SDSC and NBCR these facilities form a tightly coupled set of resources to support analysis of molecular and cellular structure and function.

05/29/186:10am The Keck file server is back online. Sorry for the inconvenience.
05/28/18The Keck file server has experienced a failure, all user directories are inaccessible at the moment. The server should be back later today or more likely sometime tomorrow.
03/28/18The Schrodinger suite has been updated to the latest version, 2018-1.
02/28/18There was a short networking switch outage early this morning in our server room. All hardware is back online but some running jobs on the cluster/workstations may have been affected.
10/01/17The cluster queue has been reconfigured and restarted to better accommodate GPU jobs. All running jobs were terminated, sorry for any inconvenience.