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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, be sure to check the Keck HOW-TOs before e-mailing

How do I get an account on Keck workstations?

Please see this page. The accounts are distributed by kerberos, so an account on one machine will work on all machines.

How can I access the Keck workstations remotely?

The only way to remotely login to the Keck workstations is to use secure shell (ssh).

Please note that direct ssh logins to Keck Center computers are allowed only from a local Urey Hall network subnet or the UCSD VPN. If you are connecting from outside of these you have to log in to our gateway, first (ssh

Does e-mail work on any of these machines?

Outgoing email only.

How do I change my password?

If you are logged in to one of the Keck workstations execute command passwd to change your password.

If you are outside of Keck you can use the passwd command on Log in to balboa first (ssh and execute passwd. After a brief delay, the password change should propagate to all of the servers. If it's been a month since your password expired and you have not changed it you will no longer be able to logon and need to reset the password in person - please contact keck-help.

What software is available?

See the available software page for a list of the software that is currently installed and some links to the software home pages.

What should I do to get a particular piece of software installed?

If it's free software, just e-mail and let us know what you need and we'll try to get it installed.

What is my disk quota on Keck Center computers?

Every user has 10GB home directory quota.

If your project temporarily requires bigger disk space allocation please email keck-help with a request to increase your quota,

How can I setup an SSH tunnel to the Keck Center workstations from outside of UCSD?

If you need to directly log in to one of the Keck workstations from outside of UCSD - for example if you need to run an X-window application or copy files directly you can set up an SSH tunnel for this purpose.

On you linux or Mac machine execute the following:

ssh -f -N -L
ssh -p 2042 -X YOUR_USERNAME@localhost

The last command will log you in to where you can start your X-window application and it should display on your local machine.

An alternative and much simpler command to use is:

ssh -X -o 'ProxyCommand ssh -X -W %h:%p'

However, this only works with OpenSSH version 5.3 and newer.

How can I ssh/scp from the Keck Center workstations to outside of UCSD

All KeckII workstations are on publicly non-routable vlan and are not accessible from outside of UCSD. To copy your files you have to use the gateway server All your files should be visible on so you can copy it from/to there.

You can also set up a tunnel if you need to do a more complex operation:

ssh -o 'ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p'

and to use scp to transfer files to outside of UCSD:

scp -o 'ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p' your_file

If you use these commands often you might want to put the ProxyCommand option to your .ssh/config file:

# set up proxy to access stampede (outside UCSD)
Host stampede
 User tg80XXXX
 ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p
 Ciphers arcfour
 ClearAllForwardings yes
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